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​Share our pride for A+ Customer Service!

Share our pride for A+ Customer Service! 

Vermont Pet Food & Supply and our own Pet Food Warehouse retail stores both strive and encourage excellence in our own business as well as our Wholesale store partners!

When assisting and getting to know our own retail shoppers in-store, we find it helpful to ask thoughtful and engaging questions that aid in gathering natural cues to seek opportunities to offer beneficial, relevant advice for the pet parents:
This often begins with a warm greeting into the store, followed up with asking the name and age of the pet- this not only creates a connection and demonstrates a genuine interest, but it often brings about a sense of trust, which can allow pet parent customers to feel confident in learning more from us while driving interest in the products and supplements in stock to achieve their targeted pet heath goals.

Below is a wonderful source of customer service guidelines that include tips and tricks for how to enhance customer experiences in-store. The post-holiday, often slower time of year can be a great opportunity to re-visit mission statements and to set A+ expectations with staff members. 

Kick off the New Year with a focused morale boost, resulting in stronger customer connections and increased sales!

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