Mar 26th 2023

Paw protection needs can vary from season to season.

During winter, road salt and many types of standard ice-melt can lead to paw damage and even chemical burns- or intestinal issues when ingested by dogs as they lick to alleviate the burning sensation! Not to mention ice-balling or frostbite due to simple exposure to cold temperatures and icy conditions.

In the summer, a stroll down the street can expose Fido's paw pads to 143° asphalt on a simple 85° day- 
And paw pad burns can occur at just 120°! Permanent damage can begin at 140°. Hot sand and lawn chemicals also pose a risk of injury to paw pads.

And lastly, germs: On average, a dog's paws will be carrying one or more types of virus, bacteria, and/or fungus.
These can be easily transferred from paws to the family couch, onto the pet's sleeping area- or even in their owner's bed!

Thankfully, there are wonderful and proven solutions offered by Pawz brand- from rubber dog boots to pet-safe sanitizing wipes & sprays, protective paw wax balms, and more!

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